Don’t ever forget that you are great.

You might doubt yourself sometimes. You may feel trapped within a never ending cycle of capitalistic drudgery. The conveyor belt of the rat race never grinding to a halt. You might want to stop time, but the world won't stop for you. Wars are still going on. Hospitals still need to operate. There are disasters … Continue reading Don’t ever forget that you are great.


Amber Alert

Amber alert, it's Amber alert can't run from the past when you've caused too much hurt. Can't you see here you can't be free from the memories when it's this bad you'll never be able to truly run from the past. On the highway to hell chasing highs that can't last nobodies alone on that … Continue reading Amber Alert

Queen of my Kingdom (ofshit) I am the Queen of my own Kingdom My land is vast and wide an uninhabitable derelict zone where sinners are welcome to hide I wear my crown of sorrow as I stand naked by my throne I am cloaked in a bruised ego with blame nowhere else to go It is my treasure … Continue reading Queen of my Kingdom (ofshit)