Do we ever have Elections in the Winter? VOTE.

Do we ever have elections in the Winter?

I wonder, because I’m currently revising attitude change, and suddenly thought of the June election.

Generally, people are in better moods in the summer, so will be paying less attention, because they don’t want to ruin their good mood – human’s never want to, it’s not conscious – no matter how ‘Emo’/depressed you think you are, you like being happy!

Therefore, summer is the best time for Petrol companies (for example) to persuade people that say, Shell is the best, despite the fact it’s all the same, so there isn’t really a good argument and the advertisers wouldn’t want people to pay attention to that.

Is this upcoming election in the Summer, because there isn’t really a good argument behind it being called, except an attempt at shifting attitudes. Coupling the time of year up with a sprinkle of source derigation (so and so lied in the past), and a dash of some personal relevance (oh, are you sick of these unstable Brexit times, don’t worry, us Conservatives are strong and stable) in the hopes that we’ll see some atleast short term change in attitudes?

Also, considering the highest population of non-voters are always the 18-25 year olds. What better time of year to ensure that those who already are not engaged, are at a time of year when subconsciously, they are going to be less interested.

On the flipside of this, maybe they just poll in the summer because people are more likely to get to a polling station if the weathers good….

There is also the fact that people DO genuinely care about their futures, politically speaking, even those who aren’t engaged per se, so they are interested when you *can* get their attention, even if they want to protect themselves from being unhappy in such good weather. Petrol is often political, but Politics is probably not the same as petrol’s marketing.


Register to vote.

Smam: overthinking everything since 1991.

*any political views I post are not the views of the Prince’s Trust, or any of the other third sector organisations I work/volunteer for, They are my own.


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