GENITALES #1 Her Pea’s.

Their romance, it was just like the movies! Clive and Chloe had been on a few dates now, all of them fantastically cliché – candlelit, cityscape views, you name it.

Clive was over the moon. She was more than he could ever dream of, and here she was sat on his sofa. She was gorgeous, but it was more than that! She wasn’t simple like the girls he used to date – oh no – she was more than that: a huge personality, full of surprises and talents, oh she was deep…

She snuggled up closer to him, hoisting her leg over his and ran her fingertips delicately over the skin on his neck. He swallowed, and felt his heart beat quicken.

She turned his head, so it faced hers. He was looking down his nose into the universe of her eyes – suddenly overtly conscious that his breath may still smell like garlic.

“I really really like you.”

He gulped. Her hands were trailing his skin again. He could feel each individual hair follicle stand to attention.

“Maybe we could move to the bedroom”

Clive shuffled uncomfortably. He wanted her more than anything, but it was time to have the talk. His groin was burning. There was no position that could divert his attention away from it. He gently pushed her off of him, and stood up. He began to unzip his flies. Chloe bit her lip in anticipation. He cleared his throat.

“There’s something I need to tell you… remember my ex…”

Chloe made an affirmative noise. She was slightly confused, this isn’t the usual pillow talk, but they had yet to make it to the bedroom, so she would see where this would go.

“Well, she gave me something I didn’t exactly ask for – and I don’t want to give to you…”

He grimaced with pain, and closed his eyes to the reaction, as he revealed himself to her.


*To insert cartoon images when scanner is fixed!*



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