Queen of my Kingdom (ofshit)

I am the Queen of my own Kingdom
My land is vast and wide
an uninhabitable derelict zone
where sinners are welcome to hide
I wear my crown of sorrow
as I stand naked by my throne
I am cloaked in a bruised ego
with blame nowhere else to go
It is my treasure
no one else can take
Though as queen I want rid of it
but if I didn’t own it I’d be fake

Why try to hide this shit?
So, here I stand naked
hurt but not alone
Queen of the liars
A bully I’ve been known
to hurt others and belittle them
not appreciate and moan
I’m the Ugly Queen of Witches
my guilty conscience it twitches
I pray I can atone
grow flowers from the shit
that lines the ditches of my home
I look out beyond my kingdom
and smiling looking in
I have friends who are not sinners
beckoning me to them.
Queen of the nasty, the self pitying and ungrateful
I take off my crown of turd

push towards the stable and faithful.

Sinners have a future and saints have a past

Every change that I make, I pray they will last.



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