The most spoiled girl in the world.

This is a story about the most spoiled girl in the world

her breath stunk and her teeth were rotten

she ate so much sugar

and most of the time she had forgotten

to brush her teeth of the mould.

Oh, She thought she was wonderful

but as her story unfurled

she went on quite an adventure

to the center of her own made up maze

there at the center

she looked into a mirror

and died when she saw

the snakes in her hair

she had hoped it was a phase

she must stop being a thief

if she shut up she was a hero beneath

her actual traits

not so special

what made her great were her mates

most of her time she was dreaming

she was too lazy to become

the sensible teacher of children

because she didn’t know how to stop having fun

at least at the end of this journey

she’d finally seen

she shouldn’t be sad

ungrateful or mean

she’d had the luckiest life

out of everyone she’d seen!

What she needed to do now

was give back some of that

to the people who’d loved her

along the way

she’d offer them her best bits –

the cool people she’d met

they could all continue the fun together

her friends from her past would like that, she’d bet! 🙂


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