Amber Alert

Amber alert, it’s Amber alert

can’t run from the past

when you’ve caused too much hurt.

Can’t you see here you can’t be

free from the memories

when it’s this bad you’ll never be able to truly run from the past.

On the highway to hell

chasing highs that can’t last

nobodies alone on that path

but we will condone you if you take it for granted

you’re on the line, there’s too many you’ve slanted

treading on ice, all out of chances

Do what you want, but this time do right

don’t intend, say, but do

pay your way, think before speaking

for gods sake take care of your hygiene

lush bath bombs are there, treat yourself

but don’t forget to treat everyone else.

Get set up somewhere

then set up a group for those who don’t live in the area

so they know they can reach out for somewhere to stay,

and join in on the madness

that is this never ending quest to defeat sadness

hiding from an uncomfortable truth

out here on the front, in the trenches of the war to live a full life what ever your destiny

ARGH! It’s Amber Alert.

You have been warned. You have heard. You have done some bad things.

been the she-devil, been out of hand, it got quite absurd

Nobody will believe if you say, this time you’ll do better

stop saying, and just do.

It’s Amber Alert. It’s Amber Alert.

I’m thinking about myself again

talking to my reflection trying to tell myself to spend

more time thinking about how are my friends?

So I look away from the mirror, and I ask them

How are you doing? I do want to listen. I do want to care.

Amber Alert. Amber Alert.

Traffic Light me. Red or Green.

Go red way. My Chemical Romance.

Go Green Way. Go.

Amber Alert.

Terrorism. Shut up. This isn’t all about you.

The criticism was made, you know it’s true.

Warning. Get Ready. Get Set. Go.

Amber Alert. Be sorry. Sort your shit out. Stop being so slow.

Amber Alert. Smile. Everyone can see you. Best improve your show.

26.03.2018 Smambling poetry.




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