Don’t ever forget that you are great.

You might doubt yourself sometimes. You may feel trapped within a never ending cycle of capitalistic drudgery. The conveyor belt of the rat race never grinding to a halt. You might want to stop time, but the world won’t stop for you. Wars are still going on. Hospitals still need to operate. There are disasters and issues occurring all over the world that you could probably never comprehend. There will be day’s in and day’s out doing the same old shit every single day.

Paying bills or ignoring them. Friends, family moving up and down the scale from sickness to health. There will be times that it is all too much. It might be giving you a headache. If it does, don’t be ashamed to sit back. Take a break to remember everything that is beautiful and wonderful about the world. Your world. It is yours because you are the center of your own universe. That’s right you’re unique. Look at the people around you! Look at the places you’ve seen! You must have done something right, at some point, to have encountered this. Be accountable for when and where you’ve gone wrong. But don’t forget that happiness is a choice. Feel the pain. Hurt, but don’t wallow – you must remember that the world isn’t stopping. The wheels are still turning. You are falling behind, and you need to catch up. You have everything you need already to succeed, so don’t stop. Believe in yourself, the rest is guaranteed. What ever level you get to, it is your top!


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