Welcome. Wondering what you’ll find in this blog?

  • Gratitude: A gratitude journal, because sometimes Head Squirrels forget that gratitudes are GREAT things to eat and chew!
  • Food for Thought: This is a space where I will post commentarys, or reflections, that are particularly interesting. Subjects that get you thinking and reflecting!
  • Breaking Vices:  Vices are habits that when out of control can be detrimental to well-being. They can include: drugs, alcohol, smoking, social media, sugary foods… the list goes on, and I’m guilty of SO many! [note that this space right now is mostly documenting my journey towards sobriety. I probably shouldn’t of put so much of myself online, but if you recognise me, remember that this is a journey]


4426_85607452894_5522563_nI’m Samantha. I have a LOT going for me, however I am a high functioning mess. I am not the only one, maybe you are too? My ability to function; to successfully *do* all of the things I say do; to just enjoy life even… is hindered by a plethora of unhelpful habits, and what I like to call ‘Head Squirrels’.

Head Squirrels leave their nuts all around your brain, and when scrambling to find them, they keep finding the bad nuts that can cause anxiety, and other such repetitive negative thought patterns. Head Squirrels can be encouraged to reduce this habit if we help them with finding the good nuts. A bizzarre analogy, right? ‘Head Squirrels’ works for me though.

This blog is about retraining those Head Squirrels to foster a life of better well-being: giving them something better to chew on. It is a work in progress, just as I am, and you probably are too. It is a choice we must make every day, especially tough days, when fostering better well-being… choose to remember to tend to those Head Squirrels! Maybe some of what I mention in these blogs will relate to you, maybe they won’t. Maybe it will help you with your own Head Squirrels, maybe it won’t. Everyone’s head squirrels are different afterall. Even if it doesn’t help any of us, we will atleast be closer to finding what does work by ticking off a few more things that don’t.

CHOOSEdayCHEWS: giving Head Squirrels something different to chew on! 🙂